Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Australian adventure - Sydney (part 1)

So.... That was the most I did in Melbourne. I had a couple of other encounters, but nothing at all on the scale of Club 80, New Years eve. And what an awesome way to see in the new year!!

So I spent a few more days in Melbourne and then went to Sydney. I had earmarked Sydney to be the place where I would be naughty, and get a wired on T and just have a massive party. I didn't realise I would also fall in love in Sydney.


So I arrived in Sydney on the Friday mid day. A mate of mine had been kind enough to rent his apartment to me for the week. I had agreed to pay his usual rent whilst he was out the country.

He'd arranged for someone who was 'crashing' at his too give me the keys. Unfortunately the person crashing was a complete cunt. I stupidly asked him to organise some T, and he did but ripped me off completely. Also there is more to this story which I may share later.

So I jumped online and started hunting out guys who would wanna come and breed my hole.

I found a guy who invited me over, and so I accepted and went over to his. Nice guy in his late 40's , gorgeous apartment in the city. He wanted to get me wasted and use my hole. Unfortunately though he was so wired, that we did play a bit, but he was more interested in finding a bunch of guys to gangbang me and when we finally found someone, he was just weird, killed the buzz, and so I left.

I went back to the apartment and jumped back online. I then invted over this very cute 26 yr odl poz guy who I'd chatted to earler and so he was there within 30 mins, and we got right to it. We fucked, and fucked, and fucked and fucked. His cock was fantastic, and we were really into other. Its amazing how you can be into someone almost automatically... we literally layed eyers on each other, and we i jumped him and started kissing him, but like really kissing him, and he pushed me back onto the bed and just cliumbed into me - quite literally. After about 2 hours of fucking, and 3 loads, the sun was about to come up so he left, and I jumped back online. I had an english dude bite the bait and he was over again in about 20 mins, and he too deposited 2 loads in me. One more guy (who didn't look like his pic and was a bit strange) came over after and shot his load in me.

So 6 loads in a few hours.

I then spent the rest of the day fucking around, trying to organise more gear. Finally, I had another 2 guys come over we had a 3some, and then the one guy left, and the other invited me around to his mates house and there I took his load and his mates load.

After this I went to another friend who lived in the area and got fucked by 3 guys there. None shot their loads which was disappointing, but yeah.

I continued the weekend with various loads, and then on the sunday night, had a pump and dump ad on bbrt, and had 5 guys come over anonymous and breed my hole. I had not slept at this point, and hadn't eaten in 4 days, so decided to call it quits and get some rest.

Will continue the rest of the story soon....

(oh and it only gets better so stay tuned!!)

My Australia adventure - Melbourne

I love Australia!

Its the place where my heart yearns to be. I have to wait another 3 years before I can move, but hopefully the next 3 years will fly by with lots of raw cock and cum.

Speaking of which... here is my Australian sex adventure. I'm going to split this into 2 parts, possibly 3, as there is alot of information... all of it VERY juicy!

I went to Melbourne for New Year and a bit of January and then went onto Sydney from there. I fell in Love with Melbourne, but IN love in Sydney.


New Years eve was a night I will never ever be able to forget. It was full of raunchy hardcore bareback sex.

To start off with I had invited this gorgeous wog boy to come over in the afternoon. It had been a very very hot day, at 42 centigrade, so stayed in with the aircon. The wog boy (a wog is a hot italian australian) came over. He was poz, and we wasted no time in getting naked and too it. I fucked him raw, and god, his hole was good. Finally, I bred his hole, and then he flipped me over stuck his raw cock in me, and started shooting his poz seed. Fuck.... great way to get the party started.

Now I was really good in Melbourne. I wanted to find some 'help' as in 'T', but fuck, there was a shortage. So opt'd for getting totally smashed on a bottle of vodka. I'd been invited to a whole party thing at some apartment (not the sexual kind), and after 10pm fireworks, I made my excuses and hurried off.


If you going to go to Melbourne, I recommend going to club80. Fantastic den of pure eniquity!

I was barely in there, at this point drunk, when I headed over to a sofa, found a hot boy, and just bent down on the sofa in front of him. He took the que, and immediately got up and started playing with my hole. He then positioned himself behind me, and started fucking me raw. He fucked me for all of 5 mins, blew his load. At this stage a group of guys had started circling, and as hot boy pulled out, another hot canadian guy started fucking me with a massive cock. Again raw.

I guess I can tell u at this point, I lost count at 35 cocks. I think I took around 45 - 50 cocks - ALL OF THEM RAW / BAREBACK!! It was fucking Heaven! I had 3 guys say I wanna use a condom, and I told each one to fuck off (I was drunk, this was allowed).

I was invited into a private sling room by canadian guy and found a mate of mine there and so we took turns getting used, and abused by his cock, as well as him finding other tops to come in and use us. It was fantastic!

After about an hour there and around 8 cocks later, I made my way to a dark area, with another bench liek structure, bent over, and didn't look back. I just took raw cock after raw cock, using my hole, fucking me, giving me what I deserved - no questions asked.

I honestly would not know who had fucked me... who had penetrated me... who I had given permission to, to get so intimate with me, that they were inside me... and not only inside me, but inside me raw. Breeding me with their cum, and what not else. I loved not caring, not caring that there may have been a 70 year old fat man using my cunt, or whether he was 30 and gorgeous. Anyone and everyone had fairgo, and many guys had a go.

After several hours, of finding a corner, where I could just bend over and take cock, and get gangbanged because a circle would always appear, I finally thought let me go and have a rest. So wondered around, and met a gorgeous muscle boy. He took me into a room, and we started kissing.

I'd like to point out, that whilst I'll give my cunt to anyone and everyone who will have it PROVIDED that they fuck me raw, I DON'T under any circumstances kiss anyone and everyone. A bit weird... but hey...

So we started kissing, and i ended up fucking him and then he fucked me, and we cuddled, kiss, and then he fucked me again. My hole at this point was gaping, and dripping. I had lost count at how many cumloads I had up there, could have been 30 - 40 at this stage. I don't know.

Eventually, I left and walked around again, finding dark corners to bend over and take raw cock. By 6am, I was exhausted. It had been 8 full hours, around 45 - 50 cocks, and many many loads of cum.

3 cocks wanted condom

Been a loooong time cuming...

Hi all,

I'm starting to wonder how many followers I have since I have not posted in a long while. Major apologies. Have got caught up in life and you know the drill.

So I met this guy, who thought he was poz... started dating and all... It was great. Oh and yeah you heard me right, he THOUGHT he was poz.

He had fucked a poz guy, had invited Tina to come and play and got to the poinT and there was blood from the poz guy in the needle, and so automatically when he found out the guy was poz, he thought he was too.


Anyways, so once he found out he ditched me. CUNT!

Anyway, I ended up going on holiday with a friend to a tropical island, and had the best time, and when i got back I was royally dumped.

That covers August to October.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hot 4 day bareback fuck-a-thon

So this happened last weekend. A mate of mine had been messaging me trying to hook up for ages. We had last hooked up about a year ago, and he was a really hot guy. Nice muscle boy, with a really hot cock.

So Friday morning at 4am, I'm woken up by my mobile phone ringing, and its him, asking me to come over. He was staying in a hotel in the CBD, which was not far from my house.

So I decided to go over and have some fun before work as there was no way I would be able to get back to sleep. I Showered, got dressed, and went over to his hotel.

He opened the door, and we exchanged the usual small talk etc. Suddenly he pulls out a pipe, and its official... Tina is there. He offers me some, and who am I to refuse. I was told growing up, one should never look a gift horse in the mouth. So thought I would have one puff, and hopefully that would be it.

8am rolls around and I call in sick to work, wired to high heaven, and having an amazing time playing with the dudes cock. We'll call him WD. WD is a bit erratic at the best of times in his temperament (realised now why I hadn't seen him for a year), but what I didn't know was that he had become a dealer, and so basically everything was free. He offered me a slam, and I accepted, and fuck.... had a great time. Got a good sized loads out of it too.

Now That is the boring bit over, the good bit comes next.....

Come 1pm, he decides that he wants his space to I leave. I went to a the public toilets which is a well known cruise spot, and sucked off 2 random guys, swallowing their hot loads down my throat. I was so fucking horny. The next guy who came into the cubicle was a hot mutha fucker... massive muscle guy and took one look at me, and decided I was his hole to fucking rape.

So there bent over the toilet, he proceeded to rape my hole with his massive cock, inviting another guy in to do the same. My hole was gagging for it... as he (the white muscle dude) and a dark skinned guy - possibly maori, tag teamed my hole raw. Both of them filled me up with their sperm, and I was in fucking piggy heaven.

After they left, I swallowed another load from a guy and decided to go to a sex shop which had a downstairs are where horny guys like to fuck.

I walked in, and it was empty bar one guy. Really hot looking Spanish guy. Sucked his cock good for a while, and then he spun me around and stuck his raw cock up my cumhole. Feeling the few loads already up there, turned him on even more, and he became pounding me, really churning those hot loads up there before adding his own to the mix. My ass felt used, and full of cum... dripping all over my hole. Fuck, I love being a cumslut.

I then decided to go home, as I had a date that night with a hot poz guy - who turned out to be a complete cunt. Nevertheless, he filled me up with his sperm as well which was great, and he had a hot fucking cock. I loved the way he made me suck and sniff his balls. They had the musky smell... fuck... love that smell. After sucking him, and sniffing and licking his balls, he finally unloaded a hot load of poz juice deep in me after only fucking me for a few minutes.

By this stage it was around 11pm, so hopped online still horny as fuck from Tina, and started looking. WD txt me asking if I wanted to come back over, so went back, and he gave me ecstacy and GHB as well as another slam. Had a another hot fucking session, until he passed out from too much GHB, and so I went online, and got a guy to come over and fuck me hole there in the lounge of the hotel room whilst WD was passed out 1m away from us.

will continue tomorrow....

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A crap 3way

So.... I love cum. Cum up my ass, down my throat, multiple times, and by multiple cocks. I'm versatile, but prefer bottoming.

I had a threesome recently.... with a couple. Now I should have taken the hint from the Profile name CumBucket, however the one dude said he was vers, and the other was top.

So they came over, and we got straight to it. They were ok looking, but they were filthy, and were keen to play with someone poz even though they were both neg. So hey.... yum!

Anyway, Cumbucket gets on all 4's and wants me to fuck him. So I start fucking, him, working his hole up nicely, and getting it loose. He already had 4 loads in there which was hot, and I could feel them swishing against my hard cock.

Whilst I was fucking him, his bf slides his large brown cock into my hole. Now whilst I love being fucked, I don't stay hard. I don't know why.... but yeah....

So cumbucket instructs his bf to 'go sit over there' and point to the edge of the bed. Very rude man. I continue fucking him, and he wants my seed, and is going full hone, begging me to breed him with my poz load. Now I had every intention of breeding him, and giving him what he came for, and I love a bit of verbal too... but for fuck sake... have patience. After a minute of him droning on about wanting my cum, and pleading for it, he started getting irritated that I hadn't cum yet. I said I wasn't ready yet and he got a bit shitty.

So after this I got off, and the bf started fucking me. Was great having that big brown cock sliding in and out my my hole... and he was really starting to stretch me out, and give me a good seeing to, when cumbucket decides he's being left out and pulls his bf away and announces that he would like to fuck me.

So he slides in with his puny fucking cock, and starts fucking me, can't even get hard, with the bf now fucking him. Not even 20 seconds passes, and the bf cums up cumbuckets ass.

Now I just think that is rude. They fuck each other on tap all the time, I worked the bf up to a point, I should have got the cum reward!!!

Anyway he then announces he can't cum, and I must continue fucking him. So I did, was so annoyed I couldn't cum, so ended up wanking, and splashing it on his hole. Yeah that'll teach him.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Broken Heart

I am currently trying to mend a broken heart.

Ok, fair enough... perhaps I should have fallen so quickly, so hard, but one thing I have learnt is that you cannot control your emotions, and who you fall for.

About 6 weeks ago I met this amazing guy. We had a magical connection, and there was sintant attraction and charm. We started dating, however it was not exclusive.

I then went to Sydney, and yes I was naughty, or good - however you wanna look at it, but I never told him, and secondly again it was made clear before I left, that we were not exclusive. It had only been a couple of weeks since we had met.

He's a gorgeous mexican.... amazing personality, and just lovely.

The whole trip I feel was in a way marred by my feelings for him, and the recipocation back from him. There was not a day that went by that he did not phone me whilst I was in Sydney, and we sent various txts all day long. I decided to have my fun whilst on holiday as if we were getting involved, it would be the last bit of random fun I would have.

The big thing was, I needed to tell him about the HIV component of the relationship, and had been dreading it. I got drunk one night in Sydney and decided to come clean and just tell him. He phoned me and said it was all ok, and we would work it out. I felt so safe, and accepted.

I get back, and went straight to his place after spending 5 minutes dropping my luggage off, with his presents. Immediately I felt there was a different viba. I don't know what could have changed during the 3 hour flight from Sydney to Auckland, but long story short he said he didn't feel it would work because he had just come out of a relationship, he was trying to immigrate to New Zealand, and various other reasons. Ultimately he was not ready for a something as he needed to focus on everything else first. I accepted this with a bit of a fight, as where I come from, you fight for what you want.

That was 3 weeks ago... I went online yesterday and found out his profiles say he is looking for a relationship etc. When I confronted him, it came out that he could not accept my HIV and now he has blocked me.

I know this sound dumb, stupid, ridiculous or whatever, but when u have feelings for someone, and you know them you, and a small obstacle like HIV smacks a wedge in due to ignorance, and denial and refusal to accept guidance... it fucking hurts.

He's not blocked me on facebook, and various other sites....

I guess I'm heart broken because... fuck.... I'm still single... I'm apparently an attractive guy, have dated models, and what not else... but here I am single.... and its been 5 fucking years!

And I mean I'm sane, I am not a psycho and what not else... Oh I just don't understand it. Anyway, I think I have shed enough tears over the last 2 days. Any advice as to what I should do next would be welcome!



Friday, June 25, 2010

HotPigg - where are you?

Does anyone know why HotPigg4U has suddenly made his profile invite only?

Gutted! LOVED that blog!