Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Australian adventure - Sydney (part 1)

So.... That was the most I did in Melbourne. I had a couple of other encounters, but nothing at all on the scale of Club 80, New Years eve. And what an awesome way to see in the new year!!

So I spent a few more days in Melbourne and then went to Sydney. I had earmarked Sydney to be the place where I would be naughty, and get a wired on T and just have a massive party. I didn't realise I would also fall in love in Sydney.


So I arrived in Sydney on the Friday mid day. A mate of mine had been kind enough to rent his apartment to me for the week. I had agreed to pay his usual rent whilst he was out the country.

He'd arranged for someone who was 'crashing' at his too give me the keys. Unfortunately the person crashing was a complete cunt. I stupidly asked him to organise some T, and he did but ripped me off completely. Also there is more to this story which I may share later.

So I jumped online and started hunting out guys who would wanna come and breed my hole.

I found a guy who invited me over, and so I accepted and went over to his. Nice guy in his late 40's , gorgeous apartment in the city. He wanted to get me wasted and use my hole. Unfortunately though he was so wired, that we did play a bit, but he was more interested in finding a bunch of guys to gangbang me and when we finally found someone, he was just weird, killed the buzz, and so I left.

I went back to the apartment and jumped back online. I then invted over this very cute 26 yr odl poz guy who I'd chatted to earler and so he was there within 30 mins, and we got right to it. We fucked, and fucked, and fucked and fucked. His cock was fantastic, and we were really into other. Its amazing how you can be into someone almost automatically... we literally layed eyers on each other, and we i jumped him and started kissing him, but like really kissing him, and he pushed me back onto the bed and just cliumbed into me - quite literally. After about 2 hours of fucking, and 3 loads, the sun was about to come up so he left, and I jumped back online. I had an english dude bite the bait and he was over again in about 20 mins, and he too deposited 2 loads in me. One more guy (who didn't look like his pic and was a bit strange) came over after and shot his load in me.

So 6 loads in a few hours.

I then spent the rest of the day fucking around, trying to organise more gear. Finally, I had another 2 guys come over we had a 3some, and then the one guy left, and the other invited me around to his mates house and there I took his load and his mates load.

After this I went to another friend who lived in the area and got fucked by 3 guys there. None shot their loads which was disappointing, but yeah.

I continued the weekend with various loads, and then on the sunday night, had a pump and dump ad on bbrt, and had 5 guys come over anonymous and breed my hole. I had not slept at this point, and hadn't eaten in 4 days, so decided to call it quits and get some rest.

Will continue the rest of the story soon....

(oh and it only gets better so stay tuned!!)


  1. I find this story very authentic and i Can't wait to hear the rest.


  2. Just started following your blog. You're amazing. Already making a point to visit Club 80 ;-)

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  4. I hope you get HIV and AIDS you deserves and suffers a very painful complications associated with it and die a lonely death like most AIDS ridden fags. ha ha

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